Our website has moved!  Please visit us at our new condensed URL name www.oedna.com!



Creative Thinking, Inc. continually strives to enhance its existing services while developing exciting new products and features.  To date, CTI has relied on multiple web sites to facilitate CreativeVisions, your current loan and deposit origination system, and FocusAgent, CTI’s newest and cutting-edge loan and deposit platform.

Within the coming weeks and months, the development team at Creative Thinking will be combining CTI’s web pages into one at www.oedna.com.  While OEDNA is simply a friendlier URL because of its shortened length, the use of the acronym OEDNA as our website allows CTI to endorse our patent-pending Organic Event DNA, which is the driving force of FocusAgent.  For those unfamiliar with FocusAgent and who are interested in learning more about OEDNA and how FocusAgent’s organic origination process can greatly benefit your organization, please take a few minutes to visit the new site and contact  Bill Watson, bill@oedna.com, for more information or to schedule a personalized demonstration.

In the near future, the use of www.creativethinkinginc.com will automatically redirect to www.oedna.com.  When this occurs, CreativeVisions customers should note that the link titled CreativeVisions on the new site can be used to access those items previously available on the soon-to-be retired site.  These items include but are not limited to downloads, newsletters and online help.

As a final and important note, rest assured that the introduction of our new website and our new OEDNA technology does not equate to major changes at CTI.  This is simply our way of combining information about our many products into a single location.  Your existing services, and the customer support you’ve grown accustom to, will not change in any way.  Okay, maybe it will -- for the better!