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W-9 Form Updates

IRS Posts Revised W-9 Form

The IRS has posted a revised W-9 form with a revision date of January 2011. Some changes include the following;

• A new checkbox on page 1 for Trustee/estate.

• Replacement of “disregarded entity” with “S-corporation” on page 1

• Clarification of instructions for business name and classifications

• New text added throughout form

• Update to the Privacy Act Notice on the last page

Creative Thinking has updated the following standard CreativeVisions forms in response:

• 1627 – standard form All Borrowers

• 7128 – All Sellers

• 10521 – Authorized Signers

• 18501 – All Borrowers & Seller 1

• 15980 - Blank

CreativeVisions RSVP customers are automatically updated with current files. CreativeVisions LIVE customers who wish to update any of the above forms may apply the current file(s) within CreativeVisions by going to >Help >Update >Update Central. From Update Central click on the "Import New File" button, double-click to select "Form", and type and enter the desired form number.