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Technical Troubleshooting


Troubleshooting corrupt or failed install using Deployment Health:

A couple scenarios could leave your install in a corrupt state.  One of which is if a personal firewall or antivirus solution strips and blocks the ClickOnce install.  Another potential cause of failure is if the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on the PC may be in need of repair and/or maintenance, and verified the compatible version is installed for the operating system. If you are unable to uninstall FocusAgent from Add/Remove programs and/or need further details on .NET deployment health, you may install the following utility for further assistance.​

Click "Check Health" for more debugging details.

Click "Clean Application Cache" to clear entire ClickOnce Deployment directory.  Then you may return to Add/Remove programs to complete removal of the FocusAgent application.

Before installing again, be sure of .NET Framework health and/or closely monitor if you need to allow and configure AV or FW software to trust/allow the FocusAgent.exe during the install.

Troubleshoot failure to gather printer list or ability to send a print job using Print Dawg:

Download and install then simply double click on the EXE to run the utility.
In this dialog

  • Click “Get Printer List” – which will display more detailed errors, if any

  • Click “Test Print” – which will attempt to print a test page using .NET as a trusted printer (this is the style used in FocusAgent, in order to control group printing / paper size / etc. and is the desired/preferred style of printing.)

  • Click “Print Dialog” – which is partial trust printing, and will tell us if can go direct to print dialog to print.

  • Click "Copy to Clipboard" - to email results to your assigned service representative to assist diagnosis.

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