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Table Lookup Service Setup


Creative Thinking has the ability to dynamically keep up with current rates retrieved from FFIEC and the Federal Reserve, and in consequence which are used in proper math calculations.  To take advantage of this technology, the following server side setup is needed: 

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher on server side.

  • Download and run on the server hosting your CreativeVisions service.

  • Once installed, the COM+ application needs to be registered.  Go into the installed folder location, and double click to run the Regtableservice.exe with elevated privileges.

  • To view/verify existence of this setup:  Go into DCOMCNFG into >Component Service >Computers >My Computer >COM+ Applications and confirm you have a CTTableLookupService application.


These next steps will test to ensure proper functionality and access rights from a client.  To confirm setup:

  • Login to any CreativeVisions Client

  • Load template form 3006 (CV client end users should be familiar with this template)

  • Scroll to the bottom of page 1 and confirm rates appear in Table lookup fields.

    • NOTE:  If the fields do not appear on the bottom of page 1, you may need to update form 3006.

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