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CreativeVisions Migration

Moving CreativeVisions LIVE to a Different Server

  1. Download the zip file below, and extract to desired folder. Run the SrvCreateNoProgs.exe on the new server in order to create the CreativeVisions Service in Microsoft's list of services. (This will also allow you to specify your desired directory and partition location, where you will be copying the directory and data to.)

  2. Obtain the 8 digit volume serial number of the c:\ partition of the new server. At a c:\ dos prompt type and enter vol. Email the volume serial number to and request an updated *.lic license file for the new server. (Even if the data will be installed on a different partition, the software will read the volume of c:\ to validate the server for licensing.)

  3. When you receive the updated license file it will need to be copied to the root of your \CreativeVisions directory. Note that the old server will have the same file name and requires attention to timing. If copying the existing directory in its entirety, be mindful not to overwrite the new license file, or wait to copy the new license file after moving the directory.

  4. When the foundation has been laid, communicate and prepare a scheduled window of down time with end users, and stop the CreativeVisions service running on the existing server. Active database files would not move or could corrupt during transfer if the service is still running. It is not recommended to have both servers running services simultaneously, to prevent end users inadvertently entering data in a split database.

  5. ***Important Note:  Before copying the \CreativeVisions (or \CTPlus) directory to the new server, .zip and compress the \accounts\7d0 file before transferring.  This will help protect the primary db from corruption in the transfer.  You do not have to copy/move the accompanying 7d0.* files, in the \accounts directory. 

  6. Copy remainder of \CreativeVisions (or \CTPlus) directory to the new server. 

  7. Decompress the file in the \accounts directory on the new server.

  8. Start the CreativeVisions Service on the new server. On Windows 2012, you will no longer see the CreativeVisions server side console. Periodically review the ctserv.out file, starting at the bottom of the file, to watch progress and logging information. The service will automatically rebuild database indexes on startup off the primary 7d0 with no extension (watch the \accounts directory to see index files getting created).  Note, that a full index rebuild could take 15 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on db size.  When the ctserv.out log reflects "Accepting connections from clients..." the rebuild is complete and ready for client connection.

  9. Install the Table Lookup Service for automatic and current retrieval of rates.

  10. Install and configure CreativeVisions automatic update service.

  11. When clients connect for the first time, they will need to enter the new server's @ip in the server field of the login screen. Once a client connects successfully, the new entry will be retained in the field.

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